Crusing Italy with an Amazon Wagon


I mentioned it before, when you play with vintage cars you will find enthusiasts from all over the world that share your interest. Nicola Carenzi from Italy checked in.

1968 Volvo Amazon wagon

He just bought this 1968 Volvo 121 wagon in the Netherlands and drove it home to Italy. It was a trouble free trip thanks to the 2 liter B20 engine and overdrive transmission.

1968 Volvo Amazon wagon rear

The car looks really solid. Nicola started by rebuilding the carburator and then he will move on to other things.

Thanks for sharing, keep us posted.

Jörgen Brandt’s incredible Volvo Amazon 121S

Jörgen Brandt’s incredible Volvo Amazon 121S

Custom Volvo Amazon Have you ever looked at a car and noticed that the manufacturer changed, added or deleted something that you really liked? It may be a trim piece that was changed or maybe a cost cutting move that changed or even cheapened the car.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take your favorite model car and boil it down to exactly what you want it to look like and maybe throw in some modern technology for good measure?

Jörgen Brandt from Bjärred in Sweden did just that. The Volvo 122 or Amazon as it is called in Sweden is one handsome car. It was also very popular as Volvo made over 600,000 Amazons during the production that lasted from 1957 to 1970.  Several items did change over the 13 year production and Jörgen decided to build the ultimate Amazon by picking the best parts from the entire production run as well as adding some high tech solutions.

One of the nicer features of the early cars was the bar going across the grilles. It was later deleted for a much simpler grille.
In order to add this style grill the whole nose piece had to be replaced.

Note the larger head light rims and all white front blinker lenses.

Volvo Amazon Custom

Custom Volvo Amazon at

Custom Volvo Amazon at

 Volvo 123GT gave up the chrome folding seat mechanism.
Also note the dash board extensions on the door panels. It was deleted early in the sixties.

Custom Volvo Amazon at

The speedo bezel is normally in gray wrinkle finish but Jörgen had it chromed instead. Also, the green dash lights were changed to blue using LED bulbs.

Since it is not really a 122S but it is definitely like a factory custom Jörgen decided to call it a 121S.
He made these fender emblems from stainless stock.

The car was completely disassembled, any rust repaired and then built back up again.

Volvo Amazon

Parts of the dash was filled for a very clean look.

Volvo Amazon engine

The B-18 engine is completely stock but Jorgen added the overdrive.

Volvo Amazon engine install

Installing a Volvo B-18 engine in a Volvo Amazon

Custom Volvo Amazon

Trunk is equally as clean.

Custom Volvo Amazon

Nice work Jörgen, thanks for sharing your car.