Crusing Italy with an Amazon Wagon


I mentioned it before, when you play with vintage cars you will find enthusiasts from all over the world that share your interest. Nicola Carenzi from Italy checked in.

1968 Volvo Amazon wagon

He just bought this 1968 Volvo 121 wagon in the Netherlands and drove it home to Italy. It was a trouble free trip thanks to the 2 liter B20 engine and overdrive transmission.

1968 Volvo Amazon wagon rear

The car looks really solid. Nicola started by rebuilding the carburator and then he will move on to other things.

Thanks for sharing, keep us posted.

Volvo Wagon Meet in Sweden

Ragge Fransson was a relentless Volvo wagon and 123GT enthusiasts.

Story time…He was also a true gentleman: I had just connected with him about Volvos so he barely knew me. I was bidding from US on a rare Volvo part on a Swedish auction site. Turns out he was bidding as well. When he saw that I was the bidder he backed off and let me have the part. I did not know until later.

Unfortunately he left us last year…way too early. RIP Ragge!

Ragge sent us these pictures a few years ago from a wagon meet in Sweden.


Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagon red

The red wagon is a 1968, Automatic.

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagon red side

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagon red interior

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagon white

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagon blue

Roof rack is the norm.

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagons more


Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden Ragge

Ragge Franssons 1968 122 Wagon Sport.

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden Ragge rear

They look great with the 5.5 inch wide rims. Tires are 195-60-15

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagons

Photo: Ragge Fransson

Bonus picture:

Volvo PV544

Magnus Johansson from Karlshamn, Sweden sent us this picture of his car and trailer.  The car is a 1965 Volvo PV 544 Sport. The car is un-restored and is even sporting the original paint. The trailer is an Opio also from 1965.

Volvo 122S wagon project, part 1

“Sherpa” Volvo 122S wagon

As found…”wrong” wheels. The five spoke Mazda wheels looks completely out of character, but I do like the idea of a bit more meat under this car. The side mirrors are next to go, no plastic mirrors are allowed on my classic Volvo.

I bought this car from it’s original owner, with full documentation from the day they picked it up at the factory in Sweden in 1967. The car has never been in an accident, and there is no rust in doors, rockers, floors or fenders. The only spot I can find is below the rear reflexes, and on top of the hatch. Very fixable. Engine and carburetors were rebuilt about 50,000 miles ago. Never smoked in. Runs, drives and stops great.

When I went to look at the car the first time, I was convinced that I would have to find a J-type overdrive to make this car a freeway flyer. Much to my surprise, the owner installed one a while back. Who’s to complain !! Also, it is sporting an alternator and pointless ignition…it would be pointless to complain? The original parts are neatly stacked in boxes. The car also came with a factory roof rack. Who’s to complain ?


The car has an amateur paint job on it, and it’s a bit more “olive” than the correct 94 code racing green. I am going to live with it for now, and just spend some time making it “mine”

Interior is very nice but I have to replace the bottom webbing.

03 Beaune 67

Tailgating French style. Original owner Mary on the left.
This is in Beaune, a large town in the Cote d’Or, which is in Burgundy, in the East of France. The picture is from an old slide so the colors are off making the car look blue.

Check out the car, loaded to the max, explaining the name it was given.


Mary’s husband Dick, outside the Sinana Pasha Mosque in Prizren in Kosova, 1967. This is a scan from a slide, so the car looks a bit blue, but it’s the one.


May 24th, 2010: So I went to pick it up, and the original owner
Mary was happy to pose for a picture.

When I grew up in Sweden I lived about 60 miles east of the Volvo factory in Sweden when she picked it up. I was nine year sold. They literally drove past my house in this car on the way to Europe. Small world eh?

As “always”, when you buy a car from the original owner, you get a box of spare parts. That is just the way it is.


The last few years I spent in Sweden was in Småland, a very rural county. Driving the wagon home along these gravel roads brought back many memories. It doesn’t get any better than this.

The car is very clean and dry.


Check out this 43 years old door panel. Not bad, even the elastic in the map pocket is in good shape.


The car is clean under as well. No rust was found in the floor or support structure.


The floor mat is intact, but needs cleaning. The digital volt meter has to go, and I may have to hide that modern radio.


No rust ever, pretty cool.

The “book”

All the service work from the day it left the factory has been carefully documented.


The spare tire well was very nice, with the rubber mat and jack in like new condition.
A simple clean up, and reinstall was all that was needed.

Follow along on a “gentleman’s restoration” of this car: