Virtual Visitor with a Volvo Duett

As mentioned before, when you play with old cars you will always meet like-minded folks that you will have many things in common with. Per Bakken is an expat just like your humble editor and he checked  in as he was looking for delivery information on his 1966 Volvo Duett P210.

It was painted in a very nice blue color however, the data plate said 27 and that does not correspond to any of the Volvo colors. The thick plottens!!

Volvo Duett P210 1966

After some research with some knowledge folks in Sweden he learned that code 27 was….primer! Yup, “paint delete option”. It was sold to a business who was going to put the company colors on it. In other words: Whatever color you choose will be factory correct!

This is Per’s car and we are glad they picked this color, looks great.



Just like my Duett I owned in Sweden, it was owned by a plumbing company. Yes, you guessed it, their company colors were dark green and yellow. Man, you are observant.


Volvo Duett P210 1966 cat


Jazz…who is the best cat ever…so I am told…do enjoy the heat from the B-18 engine after a grocery run. Makes for an excellent cat rump warmer!

Thanks for sharing your car with us, Per. We look forward to pics of your soon to be completed 1965 1800S as well.

Photo: Per Bakken


Volvo Wagon Meet in Sweden

Ragge Fransson was a relentless Volvo wagon and 123GT enthusiasts.

Story time…He was also a true gentleman: I had just connected with him about Volvos so he barely knew me. I was bidding from US on a rare Volvo part on a Swedish auction site. Turns out he was bidding as well. When he saw that I was the bidder he backed off and let me have the part. I did not know until later.

Unfortunately he left us last year…way too early. RIP Ragge!

Ragge sent us these pictures a few years ago from a wagon meet in Sweden.


Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagon red

The red wagon is a 1968, Automatic.

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagon red side

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagon red interior

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagon white

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagon blue

Roof rack is the norm.

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagons more


Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden Ragge

Ragge Franssons 1968 122 Wagon Sport.

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden Ragge rear

They look great with the 5.5 inch wide rims. Tires are 195-60-15

Vintage Volvo meet in Sweden 122 wagons

Photo: Ragge Fransson

Bonus picture:

Volvo PV544

Magnus Johansson from Karlshamn, Sweden sent us this picture of his car and trailer.  The car is a 1965 Volvo PV 544 Sport. The car is un-restored and is even sporting the original paint. The trailer is an Opio also from 1965.