Blaupunkt Frankfurt Radio


One of the things that bugs me (among other things) is a vintage car with a modern looking radio or stereo. I am all for tunes in your old ride but a black and plastic cassette player in your vintage Volvo ain’t makin’ it!

Speaking of throwing rocks in a glass house! I myself have this ugly cassette deck in my 1967 Volvo 122S wagon since I bought it over ten years ago.

From a Blaupunkt brochure: A Blaupunkt radio installed in an overdrive equipped Volvo 122. Must be an early car as I also spy the ring to operate the radiator curtain for those frozen Swedish winters! I am guessing the matching knob to the right of the radio is speaker balance maybe? Whatever it is, it is damn cool.

Luckily i have friends that are willing to help in my quest for staying era correct!

Special thanks to Gary Ramstad from the Puget Sound Chapter Volvo Sports America also known as PSVSA. He gifted me this super cool Blaupunkt Frankfurt for my Volvo P1800 project.

However, it will be a while before I will install a radio in that car and with that super cool pinstripe cover plate, I need to enjoy this radio NOW!


So I offered the Frankfurt on “loan” to my 122S wagon for now. I have a Blaupunkt AM radio for it when this unit moves to the P1800. Until then, I will be hanging out by the sea shore listening to the tug boats on the Marine Band!

Fact: Not only will a proper and era correct radio in your vintage ride increase your cool factor and acceptance by your peers, it also adds 30% more moose power to your anemic B18!

Volvo 122S Wagon project rolls on seventeens!

Bigger is better, right?


It has been rolling on 15 X 5.5 inch wheels for a few years and it looks and drives well. However, I thought I should do something different for chits and giggles.

I found a set of the tried and true 17 X 7 Dodge Charger steel wheels and had them powder coated silver and wrapped with a set of 215/50/17 performance tires.

Volvo 122 Combi

1967 Volvo 122 Combi lowered

Lowered about three inches here. I don’t want to go any lower as I would have to start using shorter shocks etc.

Besides, I don’t like the look of cars sitting on their rockers, looks like the suspension is broken. The rear suspension with stock springs was rather soft even with new OE springs, bushings and shocks. Now with the shorter firmer springs the car drives absolutely great.


1967 Volvo Combi

Added Volvo 140 series stainless steel center caps. As they were made for it.

1967 Volvo Combi side

1967 Volvo Combi rear