Volvo Duett (P210)

So it has been slow going in the shop so I have nothing new to report for now.
I hope this upcoming weekend will open up some time and I can keep working on the P1800 project car.

In the mean time I will entertain you this cool car. A Volvo Duett, also known as the P210 in some markets.

It has the same nose and dash as the 444 and 544 cars but that is where the similarities ends. The Duett actually resides on a separate frame. The thought is that they will be used for heavy loads and need the structural strength of a frame.

The Duett also had leaf springs in the rear unlike the passenger car’s coil springs.

The Duett was made between 1953 and 1969 so it actually outlasted the 544 passenger cars. It was also used for several Swedish coach builder to build pick ups and even convertibles.