1961 Volvo P1800 project, part 24.5

Yup, I call this up-date number 24.5 as it is a small one. Starting a new business and other petrolhead distractions is keeping me away from the 1961 P1800 resto but here is a small update.

This is not from my car but I got a cut out filler piece from a friend.

The cavity that holds the fuel filler on these cars probably did not win any design awards. As soon as the small drain tube clogs up it will start to hold water and eventually rust out.

They are not reproduced and mine is weak from rust just like the one in the picture.

I took it to my expert metal guru and he made a copy. He also made the 90 degree edge so I can install it. These are not just rectangular shape, they are skewed so difficult to reproduce. Once installed, I can then install the tube so I can make sure it has the right angle towards the tank.

Like I said, small news but a step in the right direction.