All Swedish Meet at XXX in Issaquah


This was the 11th annual All Swedish Meatball…ahem, All Swedish MEET.
Easy mistake!

XXX stands for many things but in this case we are talking about XXX Root Beer drive-in restaurant, not for porn as your dirty mind was thinking…well, unless you were thinking Swedish Car Porn, we got some of that!

It was a bit chilly in the morning but no rain and the sun came out later and all was good.

Ingvar Karlson is hosting this event and for a measly ten bucks you get to park your Swedish car next to other like minded certified Swedish car nuts.

Most entry fees collected at car meets and shows are destined for the treasure of the hosting club. Nothing wrong with that as it pays for some expenses but Ingvar is giving it away to charity instead. My hat’s off to Ingvar.

Let’s start with Sheila Caillier’s beautiful 1967 Volvo 1800S.

Looks great from any angle.


1967 Volvo 142S. Included is a bearded, hat wearing, coffee drinking Seattlelite. Of course we don’t stereotype here!


Let’s just say that this 1966 Volvo 1800S is not ugly! The red color is brighter than the original 46 red Volvo color but the owner is making no apologies for this mild custom.

Mint black interior.

I wish the guy would clean up his engine before bringing it to a car show…really!

I am not big on hot rod parts on vintage Volvos but this makes sense. I can’t see myself drilling holes on those beautiful fenders but you need review mirrors, right?


The favorite 142 at the show. There seems to be less of these cars than the older 122 cars. I think they all rusted away or something. With B20 power and all wheel disk brakes it makes for a great Swedish competitor to the Datsun 510.


At this point, all the Saab dudes and dudettes are getting pretty pissed off. Where are the SAABs?? OK fine, let’s feature some of these fine FWD wonders:

Very high want factor from your editor on this one. One owner, 16 valve, five speed 1990 Saab 900 convertible. These cars usually got trashed pretty early and nice clean convertibles are getting hard to find.

Even the interior looks like new.

Chris Nelson’s 1990 Saab SPG 3 door. SPG stand for Special Performance Group.

If three doors are good…well then, five doors is betta!

Saab 900 convertible.

Being a fan of the older Volvos, I must admit I don’t really get this but it brings in the younger crowd.

OK, check this out… A rather clean but unassuming Volvo 240DL wagon…or??


4.6 Liter GM LS power plant backed by a 4L60-E automatic transmission. All taken out of a Chevrolet Tahoe. Nice install.

Svensky Ute! …or something like that. It should have 2 door doors and slanted B-pillars if you ask me but nevertheless, interesting and fun.

Mike brought his very nice 1800S. He has been working on improving the car since he bought it from Canada. mike just installed a new chrome grille and insert.


The price is right. Rare Saab steering wheel. I did not ask!

IPD brought out their show car.

Parking buddies, two peas in a pod or whatever you say. These two twins were of the V70R kind. All US models of the V70R were all wheel drive. In other markets you could get FDW only R cars. That would amount to some serious traction problems with 300 hp.

Great day, good people! Let’s do this again. Next upcoming Volvo event is April 9th, 2017 Juanita Beach Park in WA. See our Events Page for more info.

If you know of any Swedish Car event, don’t hesitate to ping your Humble Editor.


Vintage Swedish Cars…in Sweden!


Yes, we found some Vintage Swedish Cars in Sweden, how about that !!

I went to the Wheels and Wings show in Falkenberg, Sweden and it was mostly about American iron. For those who don’t care for the metric stuff, check out the American Iron in Sweden at here.

However, a big car meet like this brings out all brands of vintage cars. Here are some of the fine Volvos I spied at the event.

1958 Volvo Amazon front

This 1958 Volvo Amazon 121 is looking very nice with era correct auxiliary lights and Albert fender mirrors.

1958 Volvo Amazon

The rear of this Amazon is just as nice sporting the early style trunk handles.


Volvo PV front

This Volvo PV 544 is looking great in this color. Super straight with all the right accessories, it is a looker.

Volvo PV rear

1967 Volvo Amazon dk blue

The owner of this dark blue Volvo Amazon was eager to pose next to his 1967 car.

Volvo Amazon blue front

“Wrong” wheels but I will let it slide as this Amazon is like new.

Volvo Amazon blue

volvo 122S Amazon

This black 1964? Volvo Amazon was a stunner. White walls and Marshall lights are excellent options.

Volvo 740 EPA traktor

Volvo 740 “EPA traktor” A way for 16 year old Swedes to drive a car. Convert it to a tractor and limit the top speed. Sure beats a moped when it is -20C !


Saab 92

This Saab 92 was about the coolest Swedish car in the meet. Still sporting the stock two stroke engine.


Volvo Tractor

Since this web site is Vintage Swedish Cars, I think we can accept a vintage Swedish Volvo tractor. It was currently registered and still in use.

Volvo Tractor logo

Cool logo.

1953 Monark with ILO engine

OK, since we are pushing our luck on the Swedish Car subject, how about a Vintage Swedish Motorcycle?? This 1953 Monark with a 250 cc two stroke was actually used to pull a plow after the war. A farmer installed a rear gear that was about the size of the tire and pulled his plow.


2016 Volvo V60 diesel

Let’s round off this report with a not so vintage Swedish car. This was my rental for the week I spent in Sweden. A 2016 V60 diesel. Yes, diesel! With a 6 speed trans it was completely impossible to get worse mileage than 45 mpg!!

I drove all week on a tank of fuel. What an incredible car. It also have a ton of power in the low end. You shift at 3K and it just GOES! Why can we not get this car in America?? Besides, the damn thing drives itself!

Good Times in Sweden, Good Times indeed!

Welcome to Vintage Swedish Cars

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1967 Volvo Combi

Here we will babble randomly about those fine Swedish cars made from the original Volvo Jacob to cool 240’s and 700 series cars.  The emphasis will be on cars from the 60’s as we find the Volvo 120 series Amazons and the Volvo PV 444-544 cars the ultimate in Swedish Coolness.

Stand by for Swedish stuff.

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